Revolutionary Technology

What Makes DataCove Search Appliance Different from other Enterprise Search Technologies? Read More

  • Our sizzling speed is a result of software innovation
  • Our disk-based index
  • Our ability to index and query using a single appliance
  • Our molecular approach without runaway index size
  • Our incremental indexing without degradation
  • Our hyper-federation
  • Our ability to offer a single appliance solution, to meet the search-related needs of the large enterprise

DataCove's offers:

High Speed Queries
  • Up to10,000 + queries per second (QPS) in memory
  • Up to 100 QPS in disk
  • Sub-millisecond performance on millions/billions of records/sources
  • Speed performance sustained in caches, uncached, structured, unstructured, exact/near exact, ranked searches
  • Speed loss minimal for high term count, phrase, or other complex queries
Query Relevance
  • Unparalleled precision and accuracy
  • Relevant answers-the exact information you need when you need it
Performance-based Indexing
  • Fully functional on both structured and unstructured data
  • Disk based index facilitates precision and expanded search vs. compression for cost savings
  • Advanced high speed incremental updating provides near ‘Real Time' search experience
  • 90%+ reduction in search hardware
  • Search a billion records on one appliance
  • Disk vs. RAM based index enables huge scalability
  • Disk memory is 100 times less expensive than RAM memory
  • Query across multiple data types located in multiple locations
  • Master index allows for a single query
  • High performance connectors
  • Joining (federating) most major data repositories, i.e. Oracle, SQL, DB2, SharePoint, Exchange, Notes, and more, into single index
  • Energy and maintenance savings
  • Requires less human capital
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