Enterprise Search Solution

DataCove Search Appliance Delivers the Industry's Premier Search Technology Solution

DataCove provides enterprises with the world's fastest, most scalable, most precise, most cost-effective search technology.

DataCove Search Appliance is your solution to:

Big Data
  • Costly to search, requiring massive hardware
  • Sluggish search-as data grows, linear slow down in query responsiveness
  • Some data sets are so big that companies choose not to search because of complexity or cost
  • Long, costly implementation times
  • Indexing slow and costly
  • Indexing is too cumbersome to add new, incoming data
Content Management Search
  • Expensive to search massive content repositories-requiring ever-growing number of servers in a farm
  • High complexity to search multiple repositories in various locations
  • Difficult to keep data up to date
  • Difficult to search across different CMS systems
Database Search
  • Indexing puts a load on the database
  • Queries put load on database
  • DBAs often have to run complex queries, making marketing / sales dependent on IT to get important info
  • Only index few selected fields
  • Have to search each database separately
  • Unable to search across multiple brands of databases with single query
  • Full text fields difficult and costly to search
  • XML data difficult and complex to search
Email Search
  • Expensive to search massive archives-requires scores of query servers in a farm
  • Need high level of precision and recall
  • Need to find every email regarding a specific topic or from a specific person
  • Need to find original email, not all the duplicates
  • Need to trace forwarding or distribution path of an email
  • Need to search email attachments
Multiple Data Types - Multiple Repositories
  • Slow / cumbersome with current aggregation models-have to wait for slowest responder
  • Hard to rank aggregated data
  • High complexity to hook the right connectors to feed data
  • Multiple queries required rather than singe query Costly
  • Too complex to search multiple locations with a single query
  • Too costly
  • Difficult to have updated / sync'd data
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