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Web Filtering Reporting Appliance


DataCoveCF Web Filtering appliances include comprehensive and easy-to-use reporting to enable you to quickly define and create a comprehensive range of reports on web access for your organization. In the vast majority of networks, reporting has minimal impact on the overall performance of your appliance. However, if you have a busy network with large volumes of web requests and you need to create large or detailed reports during peak traffic loads, then DataCoveCF Web Reporting appliances provide the ideal solution.

Improve Compliance & Meet Regulatory Requirements

To ensure that your organization meets compliance and regulatory requirements, DataCoveCF Web Reporting appliances let you to keep an accurate and detailed log on all web access in your organization for up to five years. Reports can be quickly and easily created from any data stored on the Reporting appliance.

Create & Deliver Reports Quickly

The DataCoveCF Web Reporting appliances’ optimized hardware ensures that you can define and create even the largest reports at any time even during peak traffic loads. The optimized hardware will also dramatically reduce the time it takes for reports to be created.

Create Unified Reports Across Multiple Web Filtering Appliances

If you have deployed two or more DataCoveCF Web Filtering appliances, then the Web Reporting appliance allows you to create single unified reports based on web requests from all your appliances.

Reduce IT Management Time & Complexity

The DataCoveCF Web Reporting appliance allows you to centrally manage all of your DataCoveCF Web Filtering appliances.

Improve Filtering Performance

The DataCoveCF Web Reporting appliance eliminates the need to generate and store traffic logs, reducing the overall processer load and increasing disc space. This ensures that the Web Filtering appliance operates optimally.

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