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Reporting & Management


Quick & easy reports on Internet use

DataCoveCF integrated reporting tools let you pull over 120 different types of reports on the internet activity on your network and enable you to easily analyze users and problems. Flexible and user-friendly, the reports can drill down and identify specific users and time periods, ranging from 'Top Blocked Groups and Users' to 'Most Popular Categories'. This gives you valuable real-time monitoring to see who is looking at what and when.

Data gained from reports can be stored within the DataCoveCF appliance for future reference and also integrated with third party reporting packages providing further flexibility and power.

Activity reports can be scheduled and emailed automatically to the relevant people, such as department heads, so that they know what their staff are doing on the Internet, ultimately saving you time.

User groups & Internet access policies

DataCoveCF allows you to create as many groups and Internet policies as you wish. It comes with standard, default groups and policies to enable quick set-up. Groups can be setup to have varying access rights, for instance: group 1 could be allowed to visit 'food and drink' sites during lunch hours but not any other time whereas group 2 could have full access to 'food and drink' sites at all times of the day.

Full LDAP support

No matter what type of network you run, DataCoveCF is easy to integrate and simple to maintain. To provide tight integration with your existing network, directory structures can be imported automatically via the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). Users may then be managed on the native network server. The DataCoveCF appliance automatically updates its own LDAP database. NT Authentication and Open/IP Mapped Authentication are also supported.

Management interface

DataCoveCF can be entirely and securely controlled through a web browser, making it very easy to manage from any location.

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