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Remote Web Filtering


With telecommuting becoming more viable for organizations and the widespread availability of Wi-Fi hotspots for business travelers, ensuring that web access complies with your organization’s Acceptable Use Policy is now essential. DataCove Remote Web Filtering – comprising an intelligent client application and a DataCoveCF Web Filter – ensures that web access for telecommuters or business travelers can be managed effectively with minimal effort.

Ensure compliance to your AUP for remote users

All web browsing is forced through the DataCove Web Filter ensuring that your organization’s filtering policies are being enforced for users who may be working from home or travelling on business and accessing the Internet through a public Wi-Fi hotspot. By locking down the user's browser settings you can ensure that users cannot change settings to allow unfiltered access.

Increase Wi-Fi hotspot availability

The DataCove Intelligent Remote Filtering Client ensures that you don't need to manually create and maintain an allow list for Wi-Fi hotspots. This means your users will automatically have safe and filtered access to the vast majority of public hotspots.

Increase web security

All web requests are scanned for malware, spyware and phishing by the DataCove Web Filter, minimizing risks for your users and your network.

Reduce IT management time

Once you have installed the remote client and configured the client computers, minimal ongoing management is required. If you choose to deploy a separate Web Filter to deal with remote web requests, you can cluster this to your main appliance to simplify policy management, reporting and so on.

How it operates

The DataCove Intelligent Remote Filtering Client locks down web access to a company's filtering policy by forcing web requests to be made directly through the DataCoveCF web filter. The application also ensures that web access continues to be filtered even when a user is accessing the web through a public Wi-Fi hotspot and uniquely solves the problem of IT managers manually maintaining an allow list of Wi-Fi providers on each laptop or desktop computer. Without this, users would either be denied access to the Internet or allowed unfiltered access.

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