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Malware Blocking


DataCoveCF malware blocking comes standard on all DataCove Web filtering appliances to provide extra layers of protection against viruses and spyware at the gateway, and also block inadvertent attempts to access phishing websites.


You no longer need to worry about phishing attacks against users on your network with DataCoveCF you will have the latest defense in the fight against illegal phishing.

DataCove Anti-Phishing blocks even the most sophisticated phishing attempts through advanced processes. Instead of relying on a database of known phishing sites as is traditionally the case DataCoveCF searches sites for elements common to a phishing site.

Protection is continually updated, working 24/7 from a feed provided by DataCoveCF, containing the latest information on phishing sites as they are created, renamed or cease to exist.

DataCove's method of blocking regular expressions is the most intelligent way of combating phishing. This method is more sophisticated and allows organizations to be fully protected against the ever-changing world of phishing technology.

Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware

DataCove anti-virus technology intercepts viruses during download, preventing them from ever reaching the client computer. When the system detects a virus in a downloaded file, the user sees an 'access denied' page and the infected file is discarded, so there is no risk that it can re-surface at a later date.

DataCoveCF automatically blocks the most common types of spyware files for all users. This is configurable, so you can allow certain sites (for example, to download content that you wish to install.

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