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High Availability


DataCoveCF Web Filtering appliances can be configured in Load Balanced or Fail Over High Availability to deliver maximum availability, increase resilience and optimize performance for web filtering.

Load Balanced High Availability

Load Balanced High Availability provides optimal resilience and performance for your web filtering.

In this configuration, two or more DataCoveCF Web Filtering appliances are deployed with load balancers to share the network load. The load balancers automatically distribute web traffic across the appliances ensuring that optimum performance is maintained.

DataCoveCF Web Filtering appliances are optimized to integrate easily with Loadbalancer .org load balancers. However, if you wish to use another supplier, DataCoveCF appliances supports a wide range of other load balancing solutions.

In the event that one of the appliances fails, the load balancer will automatically stop sending traffic to the failed appliance.

Load Balanced High Availability
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Fail Over High Availability

Fail Over High Availability provides resilience for your web filtering.

In this configuration, two DataCoveCF Web Filtering appliances are paired together to provide Fail Over High Availability only one of the appliances is active at a time. Multiple pairs of appliances can deployed to support very large networks.

The appliances are configured in an active/passive configuration. The active appliance is responsible for handling all Internet access from your network. If the active appliance fails, the passive appliance is automatically switched over to handle the traffic. Since both appliances in the cluster are automatically synchronized, the configuration of the active appliance is replicated to the passive appliance.

In addition to improving resilience and eliminating a potential single point of failure, this configuration provides centralized management and reporting.

Fail Over High Availability
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