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Internet Filtering


DataCove web filtering appliances perform live analysis with contextual understanding of web content to stop inappropriate web material from reaching your users' desktops. Datacove also provides complete access control over other types of websites such as shopping and entertainment, that impact user productivity.

The problem with existing web filters

First and second generation web filters are unable to keep up with the growth of the web. It's time for a new approach. Google's index now contains billions of web pages. Leading web filter vendors claim to have databases containing up to 50 million URLs. How can a database this size provide you with comprehensive filtering? It cannot.

URL databases combined with keyword scanning technology provide a stronger solution, but they are still not enough. They are useful for blocking some offensive sites, but what about everything else (shopping, travel, anonymous proxies, etc)?

DataCove Tru-View Technology

DataCove Tru-View Technology combines the best of conventional tools with new intelligent identification and analysis technology to quickly classify web traffic in real time.

Tru-View automatically tracks and classifies more effectively than second generation filters and overcomes the inherent weaknesses in using human-only classification, to provide you the most effective means available for URL blocking and control.

To maintain user productivity and organizational efficiency during working hours, web filters need to be able to cope with non-productive web content like auction sites and travel – as well as be efficient at categorizing illegal and offensive sites. DataCove Tru-View Technology does exactly this – it tracks and manages access to both non-productive offensive web sites providing you granular user control over your interet access.

Tru-View Technology operates 24/7. The DataCoveCF database is fluid and current, rather than being based on out-of-date lists. You can be confident you have up-to-the-minute  control over the web traffic coming through your network.

Automatic categorization

DataCove provides over  50 categories covering everything from Dating to Military to Hacking. Proprietary algorithms allow websites not in the URL database to be identified and categorized immediately. They are blocked or allowed depending on the user's access rights to that particular category.

Sensitivity Manager for ultimate web control

DataCove's Sensitivity Manager allows you to adjust the sensitivity of Tru-View Technology blocking. Each category has a sensitivity slider ranging from 0-100 and each can be adjusted according to your organization's level of tolerance to the content in question. For example, you may wish to be quite aggressive in blocking inappropriate material such as violence or pornography, but less proactive when it comes to travel or property.

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