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Block Anonymous Proxies


Are you spending valuable time trying to block users from using anonymous proxies to bypass your Internet filter?

If that sounds familiar, then help is at hand with DataCoveCF Tru-View Technology.

With thousands of new proxy sites created each day, trying to keep one step ahead of users through updates to a URL database is no longer viable by the time it's updated it's already out of date.

Unlike other web filters that rely only on a URL database, DataCoveCF Tru-View Technology performs live contextual analysis and categorization of web sites not listed in our URL database and aims to block access as soon as users try to visit a new and previously unidentified anonymous proxy site.

DataCoveCF technology offers the most effective Internet filtering solution available for identifying and blocking new anonymous proxy sites. You'll spend considerably less time every day trying to keep one step ahead of your users.

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