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Compatible with Most Feature-Rich Email Clients

Different users have different needs; this can be challenging. Some employees use Outlook as their email client. Others may use Eudora or Novell Evolution. Often different employees use different desktops. Engineering may use Linux, while creative services may use Mac OS.

Knowledge workers need browser-based access to their email from home, remote offices or anywhere else they happen to be. Some use Firefox, some use Internet Explorer, some have one desktop OS at the office, and a different desktop OS at home.

Most email solutions limit your selection of clients, desktops, and browsers. DataCovemail is different. We donít believe one-size-fits-all. DataCovemail is compatible with a broad choice of clients, desktop†OS's and browsers in order to provide all of your users maximum productivity.

Outlook & Novell Evolution

DataCovemail gives you the maximum choice among clients, desktops, and browsers. Want to keep Outlook? No problem. DataCovemail Outlook Connector natively supports MAPI and provides feature-by-feature compatibility with the full range of Outlook functionality. Some users want to use Evolution? Sure thing. DataCovemail Evolution Connector natively supports IMAP and iCal and enables the full range of functionality offered by Evolution.

DataCovemail Web Client

Want a web client that's fast and full featured? DataCovemail Web Client is AJAX-based and delivers the look, feel, usability and performance of a desktop application. DataCovemail Web Client works on Windows, Linux, and Mac using either Internet Explorer or Firefox.


DataCovemail supports any POP or IMAP client such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, or Outlook Express. DataCovemail natively and transparently supports each mail clientís feature set, user interface and communications protocol, ensuring no end-user disruption or retraining. DataCovemail provides full interoperability between clients to enable users to work interchangeably between their web and desktop clients for full synchronized views of their mail, calendar and contact data.

DataCovemail also provides services that work across all clients, such as Search and Indexing. Built on open-source Lucene technology, Terrix Search and Indexing provide real-time indexing of private and public folder messages and attachments, resulting in near-instant mailbox-wide search and retrievals, even in very large mailboxes and folders.


Rich Email Clients-Datacovemail

Outlook & Novell Evolution

DataCovemail Web Client

POP or IMAP supports DataCovemail




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