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The SMART Alternative to Exchange

Reduce IT spending and stop Microsoft server proliferation with DataCovemail, a linux-based, feature-rich messaging and collaboration platform that operates just like Exchange, EXCEPT:

  • DataCovemail is easier to administrate
  • Costs far less, no complicated licensing
  • No migrations required every 4 years like Microsoft
  • Provides an Outlook experience with push email, PIM, group calendaring, free/busy services, public folders, delegation, and more
  • Integrate in-house applications quickly via our open platform and API's

Reduce Cost and Complexity

DataCovemail provides 99.999% up-time with clustering and failover. DataCovemail message stores use a native Linux file system which is rock solid and eliminates the need for you to manage a database. Your cost of ownership is significantly reduced and you operate on open standards with an industrial-strength Linux platform.

  • DataCovemail Servers support up to 100% more users per server than a comparable Exchange server.
  • SmartCache processing on local machines allows you to centralize messaging servers to eliminate the complexity of managing distributed systems.
  • We donít silo our server roles, so you can grow your system without having to re-architect or invest in additional hardware.
  • Our licensing structure allows you to perpetually upgrade (migrate) to our most current software release or add a new servers without incurring additional licensing costs.
  • DataCovemail network administration tools provide data protection, storage management, and more.

Open Standards

DataCovemail integrates with exisiting infrastructure and client applications.

  • Works with any LDAP-based directory you choose
  • Our web client works on any desktop OS, using either Firefox or Internet Explorer
  • Provides MAPI-based, full-feature support of Outlook
  • Supports many different storage architectures

Seamless Transition

DataCovemail  migration tools make it easy to migrate data from Exchange and other legacy systems.

  • No changes to your corporate directory or network topology are required.
  • Automated tools migrate all existing mailboxes, messages, public folders, calendars, and directory data from your mail server.
  • Provides transparent server-to-server co-existence with Exchange. Maintain a mixed environment or migrate on any schedule you choose.


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